7 Signs We’re Getting Closer to The Undoing

February 18, 2015 by Space

Have you looked into The Undoing, Bitten’s creepy little sister site that lets fans peek inside the cryptic compound of some unknown mad scientist? It’s a multi-layered riddle that’s also a sort of omen of what’s to come for The Pack and their new witch frenemies, and guess what? It’s probably not good news. Exploring The Compound reveals that someone (or thing) is a little too keen on uncovering exactly what makes a werewolf tick—like, for example, their hearts.


After seeing Bitten’s second episode of the season, it’s become evident that we’re getting closer and closer to the awful truth of The Undoing. Here are seven signs we’ve spotted:

1. Nate Parker’s gruesome death in episode one. Examining the site, The Compound appears to look an awful lot like the freaky room where Parker, one of Malcolm’s Mutt pals, was being held. There, he was subjected to some sort of psychological torture before being released—only to explode upon breaching The Compound’s boundaries. (Marked, if you remember, by that enigmatic symbol that keeps popping up everywhere.)


2. The rash of kidnappings that have plagued The Pack and their acquaintances. First Savannah, then Nate, then Rachel. Then, a highly agitated Malcolm disappears. Are the people who took Rachel the same ones that have the young witch? Again, the glimpses we’ve gotten of Logan’s pregnant partner (and those long needles she’s being poked with) make us think she may be at The Compound.


3. The book of spells that Clay finds in Louisiana. In it was written the phrase “The Destroyer comes.” If that’s not a warning of bad road ahead, what is?


4. The strange, unfeeling zombie-types that attacked Clay and Elena in episode one. Their hunt for “the one true cursed” reeks of a spell, experiment, or other nefarious undertaking that’s missing its key ingredient.


5. Rochester. Remember the way that house looked? Remember how shaken Malcolm was by what he’d seen there? Whatever is coming for The Pack seems to be right on their tale. Wanna bet it’s the entity behind The Undoing?


 6. A restless Pack. Jeremy and his wolves have clearly been thrown of their game by recent events. They’re finally waking up to the fact that Malcolm and the Alpha Council may not be their biggest problem.


7. Witches and werewolves, together. Isn’t that one of the signs of the apocalypse? When it comes to the future of The Pack, an apocalyptic event might be just what this Undoing business is.