The Pack Learns The Hard Way: Never Trust “A Quiet Dog”

March 4, 2016 by Corrina

Is Jeremy in control of the situation or does he just think he is? With the 30-year feud between Sasha Antonov and Roman Navikev about to come to a blood-soaked boil, Jeremy has a plan he thinks will prevent the corpses from continuing to pile up. But first he needs to extract a promise from Sasha.


If the Russian defector wants help from The Pack, he’ll have to accept it on Jeremy’s terms: when the dust settles, the Antonovs are to leave town and never return. And there’s something else—Sasha is to tell Elena that contacting her was a mistake, one he’ll never repeat. What choice does he have but to agree?

The Pack still has Konstantin in their claws and they’re holding him at the tannery where where the Antonovs had been hiding out. Shackled by the neck, Konstantin is still capable of rankling his captor with questions about her dead parents and her status as the world’s only known female werewolf. On the defensive, Elena doesn’t appear to pick up on the fact that Konstantin knows more about who she is than she does.


While Jeremy mediates the negotiations to end the blood feud, Sasha and Roman trade insults and the truth behind their hatred for one another is revealed: Sasha is responsible for the death of Roman’s daughter, Natalia. Or, if you’re seeing it from Sasha’s POV, Roman is responsible for the death of his one true love (the very same Natalia).


The facts are that Roman left Natalia under Sasha’s guard. Breaking the number one rule of werewolf club, Sasha eventually told her his secret—after falling in love with her. Furious, Roman strangled his own daughter with a clothesline. Humans can’t know about wolves, no matter whose daughter they are. Natalia’s death sent Sasha on the run—with his tiny new baby in tow.


At the tannery, Elena is getting Konstantin’s version of the story which ends with him telling her that he’s her uncle. She’s half Navikev. But she’s also half Antonov, so he’s going to have to kill her. In an intense fight, she crushes one of his hands and he runs.

As everyone converges on the warehouse where Jeremy’s meeting is taking place, two unexpected attendees join the party: Alexei (on the verge of his first change) and Karen (on the verge of witnessing her first change).


Things go sideways and Roman attacks Sasha, Jeremy, and Karen, taking off with the counterfeiting plates Jeremy offered him. Alexei takes off in wolf form and by the time Clay hunts him down, he’s already made his first kill. And it’s human.

Just as it looks as though Roman is going to get on a jet back to Russia, Konstantin gives him the new information he uncovered while captive: Elena is an Antonov. If Roman were smart, he’d still get on that plane, because Elena is back at Stonehaven having one of her visions again. In it, she’s covered in blood and sitting in the Alpha’s chair. We doubt that means anything good for Roman, but what about her Pack?


Burning Episode 4 Questions

  • Considering Roman’s unsurprising betrayal of the negotiation process, will Jeremy still hold Sasha to his promise to leave town? And what will Elena think when she hears he agreed to it in the first place?
  • Where is Nick taking Katia?
  • What’s going on with Rachel? The last time we saw her she was unhappy about being confined to the house with her new baby and banned from seeing Elena.
  • Who the $*@# did Alexei kill?!?
  • How will Jeremy deal with Karen once he finds out what she saw?
  • Konstantin’s relationship with his father seems… fraught. Will his loyalty to Roman hold?
  • Why is Elena seated in the Alpha chair behind Jeremy’s desk in her visions? Are we in for a regime change?