Bitten Recap: “Bad Dreams”

March 21, 2015 by Corrina

Teenagers can be so dramatic. They show up at your country estate raving about how you’ve got less than 24 hours to live and demand that you do something about it. They pester your important international guests, cause the electricity to go on the fritz, and interrupt delicate negotiations—and for what? To warn you that a guy you killed less than a week ago still has it in for you?


Elena, Paige, and Clay all saw Aleister’s lifeless body run through by that huge stake back at The Compound, so why would they be worried that he’s lurking around Stonehaven waiting to use his dark magic to possess the first werewolf who crosses his path?

Not only that, but Nick and Paige put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning up The Compound and making sure no traces of Aleister were left behind.


But what they didn’t find will likely prove to be the problem. The pair tell themselves that Aleister’s body is burned and buried but they acknowledge that his talisman remains unaccounted for. Also missing are the vials of Elena’s blood, that oh-so-key ingredient in the great Undoing.


It’s heavy foreshadowing for what’s to come for Elena and The Pack. Bad stuff is on the horizon. Stuff that not even a new haircut can ward off.


To make matters more complex, the Council of Alphas is still hanging around Stonehaven, whinging about the way Jeremy runs his Pack and engaging in petty power struggles. Eduardo, the new Spanish Alpha and his gang of thugs are scheming to take out Roman, the Russian Alpha, and they threaten to harm Nick if Jeremy doesn’t do their dirty work for them. Surprise! Jeremy doesn’t take kindly to the blackmail attempt.


Post-Compound clean up, Nick and Paige have been treating themselves to a weekend at a small town bed and breakfast while not-so-subtly stalking Nick’s birth mother, Lily—who is no dummy and immediately knows exactly who he his. Reunited for all of five minutes, a member of the Spanish pack is already trying to kill her. (Pro tip: don’t let your babies grow up to be werewolves.)


Back at Stonehaven, the inter-Pack power plays continue with Elena and Jeremy outsmarting Eduardo and aligning with Roman. There’s just one small problem: Roman’s the wolf Savannah sees in her vision, the one making a meal out of Elena’s entrails.


Distracted as they have been by all the Alpha Council drama, The Pack is completely oblivious to the fact that they’ve been worried about a lesser enemy all along. They’ve got bigger problems. Clay, especially. (Unless you consider having your body possessed by a vengeful male witch destined to destroy his own kind to be no big deal.)


Lesson learned? When a teenage witch tells you you’ll be dead by dawn, listen to her.


Burning Questions

Elena’s blood samples were missing when Paige and Nick were cleaning. Does that mean Aleister still has them?

If Savannah didn’t make that Spanish thug bleed to death and the lights go out at Stonehaven, who did? It’s got to be Aleister, right?

Is Aleister working alone or does he have other allies (besides the recently deceased Dr. Sondra Bauer)?

If Aleister can snatch bodies, why didn’t he do it ages ago? Seems like he could have had his Undoing a lot faster.

Does Clay smell different to other wolves now that his body’s been snatched by a witch?

Are Savannah’s powers really out of control? Did Aleister permanently infect her with his left hand magic lessons?

Where the hell is Ruth? And Logan and Rachel, too?

“Bad Dreams” by the Numbers

Home haircuts: 1

Power struggles: 3

Territory disputes: 3

International wolf visitors: 8

Out of control witches: 1.5

Exsanguinations: 1

Double crosses: we’ll have to wait and see

Bad dreams: 0 (it’s a vision, okay?)