Bitten Recap: “Dark Arts”

March 28, 2015 by Corrina

Man, what is up with Clay? He’s been acting like a total jerk lately. Oh, that’s right—he was captured by Aleister who used dark magic to invade and possess his hunk of a body. Poor guy.


Using his new Clayskin as a disguise, Aleister begins to wreak all kinds of havoc in and around Stonehaven while the witches and wolves remain oblivious to what’s going on. Meanwhile, the real Clay is trapped inside his own cobwebby subconscious with a pair of strange allies: Malcolm and a younger version of himself.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves a little. The episode actually kicks off with a flashback to four years earlier. Aleister is engaged in the unlikely occupation of street performer, plying his black magic trade by poking passersby with a long needle and then pulling it out without spilling a drop of blood. Neat trick!

At this point, he’s already adopted his trademark symbol…


…but he’s got no idea who he really is—until a disgruntled Clara makes his acquaintance. Clara is furious (and quite literally wounded) after Ruth busted her for selling spells and crushed her talisman (after ripping it right from her earlobe).


And so we find out how Aleister came to learn about The Prophecy—we can only assume that Clara played a large part in fuelling the fire of his hatred for Ruth and her Coven, too. It’s kind of hard to blame her.

Back in the present day, we’re watching the fruits of that laborious hatred pay off for Aleister. He’s managing to drive wedges between Pack members, instigating a fist fight with Nick and nearly ruining the real Clay’s relationship with Elena after he tries to force himself on her. But as the witches are preparing for Savannah’s initiation (an activity that Aleister-as-Clay seems just a bit too invested in)…


…Elena is slowly piecing together what’s happened to her fiancé.


Once she’s finally convinced Jeremy of what’s actually going on with Clay, the pair run to Savannah’s rescue, knowing she’s Aleister’s ultimate target.


Someone, however, got to her before they could.


Remember those missing vials of Elena’s blood? They’re about to reappear very soon. But first, Jeremy, Elena, and Nick have to find Clay’s Aleister-inhabited body and—gulp—kill it before Aleister can escape back into his own. According to Ruth, it’s the only way to break a possession spell. The Clay the Pack knows and loves is already as good as dead.

Luckily it’s different for werewolves. Clay manages to make his way through the maze of his subconscious (with help from Malcolm—wait, what?) to confront his caged wolf-self. While his possessed body spars with Jeremy, his consciousness is set free when he releases the wolf from its cage. Clay changes, driving Aleister from his body.

Aleister hasn’t been defeated though, he’s still got Savannah, his hypnotic hold over her, a gassed-up late model sedan, and a bunch of Elena’s wolf blood—which he is about to turn into a nice little aperitif for our young witch friend.


You’ve probably already guessed it, but this isn’t good news for Ruth, Paige, and every other witch on the planet. It’s the beginning of the end.


Burning Questions

Is Savannah’s magic really out of control or has Aleister been pulling the strings this whole time? We know that little critter he implanted in her arm still works…

Obviously Clara had a hand in setting Aleister’s grand plan in motion. What’s the full story here? He didn’t seem like such a terrible guy back in his busking days—though he had killed at least one cat at this point. And a dad.

No really guys, where are Rachel and Logan?

Why did the Malcolm of Clay’s subconscious help him?

We saw the effects that Savannah drinking Elena’s blood had on Ruth and Paige, but what is that going to do to Savannah?

“Dark Arts” by the Numbers

Number of woods that are sacred to witches: 9

Number of sacred woods you need for a witch initiation: 4

Ratio of talismans crushed to talismans created: 1 to 1

Number of times Paige and Nick have gotten busy up against an unorthodox object: 2

Nicknames we’ve come up with for Clay’s Aleister-possessed body: 4 (Claleister, FrankenClay, Claymation, SubClaycious)

Crazy hand-to-hand combat scenes between people who love each other: 3

WWF-style wrestling moves: 8

Odds of being able to land a running leap into your own noose: 1 in a million

Prophecies fulfilled: 1 (at least it seems like it, though we’re definitely holding out hope for the Coven!)