Bitten Recap: “Dead Meat”

February 28, 2015 by Corrina

There are no female werewolves.


There are no male witches.


At this point in season two of Bitten, we know that neither of those things are true. Elena is a wolf and Aleister, her witch counterpart. You think they’d get along better. Alas, Aleister sees Elena not as a kindred spirit, but as a science experiment—a stepping stone to his beloved Undoing (whatever dark thing that is).

This episode gives a more in-depth look inside The Compound where Al and his anxious scientist friend Dr. Sondra Bauer (someone get this woman an Ativan) are diligently working away at the destruction of everything The Pack knows and loves (or some similar project).

Here’s what we know goes on at The Compound so far:

Science experiments (on both wolves and future wolf mothers).



Magic lessons (left hand only).


Cage matches.


Copious tasings.


Weird sex rituals.


Forcing The Change.


And brandings.


The place is basically a theme park of horror. No wonder The Pack is so worried about Elena. And no wonder Ruth and Paige are willing to do anything to get Savannah out of there, including employing a little dark, rarely used magic to reanimate Aleister’s dead automaton, Melanie Lau from Montreal. (Shout out to La belle province!)

The witches make the mistake of letting Jeremy and his vest sit in on their little séance—with disastrous results. Jeremy’s risk-taking means that Ruth barely makes it out alive.


His actions contribute to the disintegration of the fragile trust being built between The Pack and the witches, trust (or the lack of it) being the main theme of the episode. Elena is struggling with it too, trying to get Savannah to trust her and, by extension, Ruth and Paige, who the pre-teen witch thinks are trying to control her, not protect her. Two tasings later, Elena has finally won her over. It’s amazing what a little, no, a lot of guilt will do.


After this touching moment of hole-in-the-wall hand-holding, we cut to what might be the most disturbing scene Bitten has ever given us: the sexy syringe-stabbing business briefly mentioned above. What. The. What.


Talk about the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. Just what is Dr. Bauer trying to accomplish by injecting herself with what we can only assume is a syringe full of Elena’s wolf blood? Are she and Aleister trying to make a wolf-witch baby? Guess this explains the weird fly-zipping scene from episode three. Shudder.

Burning Questions:

What happened to Logan? After he and Rachel are recaptured we never see him again… now Aleister has another Pack member in his clutches.

After witnessing Elena transform, has Rachel put two and two together when it comes to Logan? Seeing Elena change may have given her some insight as to why she and her unborn baby are of interest to Aleister.

How is there a male witch, what does Ruth know about it, and why is she hiding it from us?

Again, what is The Undoing? What’s the end goal of all this science-meets-Satan?

How has Aleister been recruiting all of his human helpers? Rounding up henchmen to brawl with The Pack would be simple enough but he’s also got other scientists assisting Dr. Bauer. Who are they and where did they come from?

And Dr. Bauer: she’s a little unhinged, right? How’d she hook up with Mr. Evil Incarnate? Internet dating? Chance encounter at their local watering hole? Seems unlikely.

“Dead Meat” by the Numbers

Number of times Elena gets tazed: 4

Number of times it was Savannah’s fault: 2

Number of witch skype calls: 2 (one of which is to beyond the grave!)

Number of ingredients it takes to reanimate a dead woman: 5

Hours Elena spends strapped to a lab table: almost all of them

Elena’s badass rating on a scale of 1 to 10: 10.5 (for the scene where she pulled a poison dart out of her leg and hurled it directly into the eye of her pursuer)