Bitten Season Finale Recap: “Fine Temporum”

April 11, 2015 by Corrina

“Hello mother, I’ve come home.” Have more ominous words ever been spoken in the world of Bitten? When Aleister, with Clara and Savannah in tow, finally arrives at the Coven’s sacred catacomb sanctuary, Ruth is there to face them alone—her backup held up by an assortment of spells and a seemingly never-ending supply of gun-toting Delphi Building security guards.


But Ruth isn’t entirely vulnerable. She may be outnumbered, but she’s the only one with magic on her side. Savannah’s a zombie, Clara’s been excommunicated from the Coven and stripped of her powers, and Aleister’s abilities are suddenly sapped by the protection the catacombs provide for Coven members only (no boy witches allowed).

But then, after Ruth makes a bold (if unwise) move in an attempt to kill her long-lost son, Al regains the upper hand by swiping Ruth’s ring. Her spell against him is broken, and she’s dragged out of her protective circle and into the open.


While all this is happening down below, the Pack and Paige are busy above battling a mumbling horde of automaton guards all controlled by Aleister. Under heavy fire, the six-strong force is split up into pairs and left to find their own way to the catacombs. Elena is paired with Paige, the only one in the group who can open the door to the Coven’s sanctuary. Unfortunately, Paige ends up babbling pro-Aleister propaganda and growling demonically while trying to strangle Elena. With a little help, she gets it out of her system.


As Jeremy and Nick fight off guards and The Change, Clay and new Pack ally Zachary Cain find themselves stuck in a hallway with a trigger happy mall cop and no way out. With nothing left to lose, Cain opts to sacrifice himself in the name of love—Clay and Elena’s.


Elena, meanwhile, has entered the catacombs alone so that Paige can open the door for the rest of the Pack (whenever they can manage to show up). Facing Aleister on her own, Elena is bested by the witch, but not before she takes a page from Jeremy’s book and performs this little surgical procedure on Savannah.


As the life slips from Elena, Aleister forces an uncooperative Savannah (who is no longer under Lock and Key) deeper into the catacombs with Clara, intent on completing The Undoing and stealing Savannah’s body and powers.

Not to be outdone by Zachary Cain, Ruth, too, makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to save Elena, trading her life for the life of the woman her son murdered, despite her daughter’s strong protests.


The episode reaches its peak as Elena, alive again, races after Clay (who thinks she’s dead and has transformed into a wolf in order to fight Aleister). With the Coven leader no more, Al’s powers have returned and the final battle is an epic one. Savannah, Clay, and Elena manage to overpower him but no one’s sure if they’ve really won. Dawn has arrived in the catacombs.


Turns out Elena drowned Aleister just in time: Paige is alive and Clay is able to change back. The victory, however, is tempered by the pile of casualties suffered by each side.


And by Nick, who fought all night for his future with Paige, finding himself single again when the woman he loves tells him she needs to focus on her career (as the new Coven leader).


And by Savannah, whose knack for premonitions leaves Elena with something new to worry about.



No rest for the wicked, right?

Burning Questions

This episode must have had the most fight scenes in the entire season. How wiped out was the cast when wrap time finally rolled around?

After Ruth’s death, Paige becomes Coven leader and tells Nick that they can’t be together anymore. Why?! Do Coven leaders take a vow of celibacy?

Nick spent the entire night battling the Change so that he could be with Paige if they managed to undo the Undoing—what’s going to happen to him now?

Does Jeremy ever run out of clean vests to wear?

Savannah’s premonition: what could be waiting for the Pack back at Stonehaven? Things are looking… heated.

“Fine Temporum” by the Numbers

The body count: unlucky number 13. Among the dead are Clara, Aleister, Ruth, Zachary Cain, a whole bunch of security guards, and that little bug thing that used to live in Savannah’s arm.

Witch barfs: 1

Elevator brawls: 3

Escalator brawls: 1

Sacrifices: 3

Completed Undoings: 0

Female werewolves left standing: 1

Male witches left standing: 0