Bitten Recap: Hell’s Teeth

February 21, 2015 by Corrina

Sure, werewolves and witches are scary, but is there anything more truly terrifying than an obstinate teenager convinced of the wisdom of their own underdeveloped brain?

In this third episode of season two, we finally meet the unseen Savannah (likes: butterflies; hates: homework), a teen witch who has yet to come into her powers—but has nonetheless become the object of unwanted attentions.


Enter: Aleister. Who is this flatterer who thinks he can just waltz into a suburban Massachusetts kitchen and make off with its most precious contents? (That’d be the aforementioned pouty teen.)

Aleister (note the unusual spelling—is this an homage to Mr. Crowley? A hint to fans in the know when it comes to 20th century British occultists?) is the bad news everyone’s been warning The Pack about, and guess what? He totally lives up to the hype.

First he shows up uninvited and unannounced and freezes Paige in her tracks…


…so that he can pressure impressionable Savannah into taking some kind of skin-crawling-bug-candy.


Then he whisks her away to an inscrutable, sterile hideout referred to as The Compound where her only company seems to be an unidentified delusional woman and Rachel’s screams. Oh yes, we’ve found Rachel. We know, when Aleister refers to “the pregnant woman”, that she’s in there somewhere.


And there are even more tricks up ol’ Al’s sleeve. When The The Pack agrees to join forces with the witches to trap him and find out where he’s holding Savannah, Aleister easily overpowers them, barely requiring the horde of zombie-like reinforcements he brought with him. (Who needs backup when you’ve got flying scrap metal and weird shockwaves at your fingertips?)


Speaking of fingertips, looks like Rodrigo won’t be needing his.


Clay and Elena manage to spirit his body out to the woods while one of the Spanish Pack members interrogates Jeremy about the missing Alpha. For a while it looks like Jeremy’s problems with the Alpha Council are multiplying.

But then Elena expertly takes care of one their larger headaches with just two little (very sharp) fingernails. Okay, claws.


Only to end up with a major migraine. No good deed goes unpunished.


The news isn’t all bad though. Logan, for one, pulls off a major coup when he manages to infiltrate Aleister’s ranks by posing as one of his chanting automatons. Elena, too, has managed to find her way into The Compound (although her circumstances seem less advantageous). The rest of The Pack is all in one piece—unless you count Clay falling apart over Elena’s disappearance.

Despite all the heartache, some chemistry appears to be developing between two unlikely characters… do we detect a blossoming romance?


Burning Questions:

-How does a Coven of witches come together? Are the women somehow related? Paige said she never wanted sisters—she didn’t need them because she had Bridget and Savannah…

-Why (oh, why) did Aleister, back at The Compound, enter the room doing up his pants? Or do we even want to know?

-Who—no! What is Aleister?

-What kind of place is this so-called Compound? What’s happening there? Research? Experiments?

-Aleister tells Ruth that the witches have wronged him in some way—what could they have done?

-What is the ‘Great Undoing’ Aleister’s unmerry band of feelingless followers keep mumbling about?

-What is that weird thing crawling around under Savannah’s skin?!

“Hell’s Teeth” by the Numbers

Number of times Savannah acted like a petulant teenwitch: 6

Number of times Paige acted like a petulant teenwitch: 5

Number of times Aleister freaked us the freak out: 4

Number of times Malcolm was bested by a woman: 3

Number of people we’re worried about at The Compound: 5 (including the mumbly woman)

Number of deaths: 3 (RIP Bridget, we hardly knew you. Goodbye and good riddance, Malcolm.)