Bitten Recap: “Nine Circles”

March 14, 2015 by Corrina

The big day has arrived! The silk robes have been sewn, the lavender’s been harvested, and a not-quite-age-appropriate red gown has been purchased (or conjured) for the centrepiece of the show. Yes, it’s Undoing Day and Aleister is pumped to use Savannah to bring about the destruction of every witch on the face of the earth.


How did we get to this terrible place? It all comes down to one whopper of a screw-up that Ruth made 30 years ago. Her dark secret, shoved to the back of a metaphorical armoire for the last three decades, comes tumbling out at the start of the episode. We knew Aleister was hers (even Jeremy figured it out, lunkheaded “brute” that the witches think he is) but the circumstances of Al’s birth remained a mystery. Until now:


Yikes. Ruth’s doesn’t look like the kind of birthing story you brag about on your blog.


Post-tub-delivery, Clara, the excommunicated witch from episode five, breaks the bad news to Ruth: it’s a boy! And yet, no one is passing around a box of cigars. By now we’re well aware that boy witches are bad news, destined to fulfil doomsday prophecies. But Ruth has a solution: blackmail Clara to “deal” with the kid.


Of course, she can’t do it (some wicked witch she is) and the murderous new mom doesn’t bother to check to see if she did. This sets off the chain of events leading up to Savannah’s kidnapping, Elena’s imprisonment, and all those sabre-sized needles being plunged into poor Rachel’s womb. Cool decision, Ruth.

After the backstory has been told, a large chunk of the episode is dedicated to the crazy trip Aleister sends Elena on using a spell that he hopes will “break her.”


It almost works. A confused Elena has to navigate her way through the house of horrors that is The Compound, dodging terrors like headless stuffed rabbits


Groping, disembodied hands.


Grabbing, disembodied hands.


Angry ex-besties.


Bat fights.




Blood baths.


And Black-eyed Savannahs.


It’s no picnic. Still, Elena manages to master the treacherous labyrinth, find her way outside, and sends up a signal to her rescuers, a bickering Clay and Paige. The pair have been wandering around the Eastern Quebec Townships for hours in search of The Compound. Paige didn’t have time to pick up the proper footwear and Clay’s frustrated. “Keep up or I drag you by the hair,” he tells her. Seems sensitivity training has never been a thing at Stonehaven.

When they finally arrive to crash Aleister’s party though, it’s Paige who saves Elena, while Clay just—actually, we’re not sure what he does. Chills with the automatons that Logan and Rachel freed from their zombie state? Anyway, just as Elena is about to get the Bridget treatment times a thousand…


Paige shows up to shelter her and blast Aleister into the ether—but not before he can tell her the truth: he’s her big bro. At least they’ve managed to win Savannah over to their side.


Confused about where she sent him, Paige and Clay later find Aleister impaled on a stake in his freaky deaky ritual room (you know the one—who could forget what he and Dr. Bauer liked to get up to in there). At least they think it’s him.

Satisfied that the witch is dead, Clay and Elena finally get their real life reunion.


But the creepy stuffed rabbit sees all.


Looks as though Aleister is less dead than we’d like—with Paige left alone on The Compound with him. And that freaky bunny.


Burning Questions

Does Elena bat right or left?

What’s up with that stuffed rabbit? Is it possessed? An otherworld nanny cam? A residual hallucination from the time Elena was hopped up on Aleister’s trippy spell?

Savannah’s skin crawler—it’s still in her arm, right? So does Aleister still have a hold on her?

How angry is Paige going to be with her mother not that she knows Ruth hid the secret of Aleister’s birth from her?

What’s Aleister’s next move? There’s no way he’s just going to abandon his big Undoing.

On a scale of one to oh, sh—! how worried should we be for Paige? Will Nick and Jeremy arrive in time to back her up if Aleister decides to go on the offensive?

“Nine Circles” by the Numbers

Hours ‘80s Clara spent crimping all that hair: 5

All too literal blood baths: 2

Disembodied man hands: 6

Brutal baseball bat deaths: 2

Breakups: 1

Makeups: 1

Undoings: 0 (Better luck next time, Aleister)