Bitten Recap: “Rabbit Hole”

March 7, 2015 by Corrina

If you like hearing stories about how couples met, Dr. Sondra Bauer and Mr. Timothy Ashmont have a great one for you.

She: a suicidal university researcher recently fired for stitching extra parts onto live animals.


He: a vengeful male witch with only a murder of crows for company. He saves her, she goes to work on bringing about the end of the world in his name. Now if that’s not the very definition star-crossed, what is?


Fast forward to the present: Dr. Bauer and Aleister have shacked up together at The Compound, labmates labouring away over The Undoing. But living together and working together isn’t always the best arrangement. Spending 24 hours a day with a guy as dark as Angry Al must take its toll on you. And what about all the attention he’s been lavishing on Savannah? It’s enough to make a jealous cryptozoologist inject herself with werewolf blood during a weird sex ritual, you know?

In “Rabbit Hole” we see the aftermath of that decision. Dr. Bauer, formerly unstable, has now gone completely off the deepend. She’s half mad and halfway through The Change—and Aleister has sent Elena in to babysit.


Elsewhere in The Compound, they’re remaking a classic Kubrick horror flick and giving it an updated title: A Clockwork Rachel.


However, the werewolf DNA developing inside the womb of Logan’s main squeeze seems to have given her the ability to resist Aleister’s special brand of brainwash. Smart cookie that she is, Rachel ditches the zombie squad to go look for Logan. During her hunt, she stumbles into Aleister’s map room and manages to temporarily disrupt the magic perimeter he has set up around his lair. Bet this little trick will come in handy sometime soon.


The only reason Rachel is able to get into the inner sanctum though, is because Ilsa, err, Sondra has escaped—in wolf form—and is trying to eat Savannah. See? Jealous! Despite all the advantages of her newly sharpened canines, the outing doesn’t end well for Dr. Bauer.


Aleister gives her the same treatment he gave his childhood pet (and his father)—only it seems like Sondra liked it.

Back in the world of free witches and werewolves, Ruth has made a discovery almost as unpleasant as Dr. Bauer’s death: Aleister is indeed the son of a witch. A specific one: her.


Oops. Unplanned pregnancies and STDs aren’t the only consequences of unprotected sex. If you’re a witch, that kind of carelessness can have epic, doomsday-level repercussions. Now that the mechanics of Aleister’s plan have been brought to light, the true danger facing Ruth and Paige (and every other coven witch on the planet) is clear: outsmart him, or face extinction.

Paige, for one, is making the best of what may be her last days on the planet.


Back at The Compound, Elena has found a way to speak to her Pack using Savannah’s witch Skype and she’s provided the wolves with a major clue about where she and the others are being held captive.


Finally: the moment Aleister has been waiting for has arrived. Savannah’s come into her powers—and appears to have switched sides. Again.


Burning Questions

What is—err, was—with Dr. Bauer’s obsession with pain?

Why did Aleister change his name from Timothy Ashmont? To hide his identity or is there another, darker reason?

Even if Aleister is destined to fulfill this witch-eradicating prophecy, what are his personal reasons for hating the witches so much? Is it simply because Ruth abandoned him?

Is the water the coven and The Pack are in about to get even hotter? Is that possible?

Which side is Savannah going to choose already?

And what’s going to happen now that she has come into her powers? It seems like we’re on the brink of this Undoing that Aleister and his Aleisterites keep talking about.

Dr. Bauer told Elena that Aleister’s plan for the witches is “the way the world ends”—will their destruction bring about a bigger one?

If Aleister is Ruth’s child, then what did that defrocked witch Clara Sullivan do to earn Ruth’s wrath and the confiscation of her witch powers?

“Rabbit Hole” by the Numbers

Brutal disembowelments perpetrated by a wolf-blood-crazed Dr. Bauer: 3

Number of female werewolves inhabiting the planet earth: 2, briefly

Near escapes made by un-brainwashable pregnant women: 1

Creatures Aleister makes bleed to death using only his mind: 3 (1 feline, 2 human)

Number of ancient prophecies on the verge of coming true: 1

Number of episodes we’ve been waiting to see Paige and Nick get it on up against a tree: 4

Times Elena takes a taser for the team: 1

Crows: 24 (according to Dr. Bauer, RIP)