Bitten Recap: “Scavenger’s Daughter”

April 4, 2015 by Corrina

The moral of the story in this week’s episode of Bitten? If someone invites you to play ‘“Good Cop/Bad Cop” in their basement “fun room,” say no. Then run.


This poor woman should have known something was up the second she saw that the centrepiece of Aleister’s kink den was a round bed. Ew. Who has those? Alas, she failed to notice the overwhelming number of warning signs staring her in the face (red lightbulbs, creepy music boxes, piles of audio visual equipment, blood-streaked artwork, Aleister) and ended up having her soul snuffed out and her body tried on by Clara for a few minutes before being discarded like last season’s H&M line.


The former witch, it seems, was just trying her on for size. She and Aleister have another body in mind as the final destination for Clara’s black soul.


Tough break, Savannah. But the bad guys haven’t won yet. The Pack and Coven are doing everything they can to put a halt to The Undoing, including hatching (literally) a stomach-churning spell to take Aleister out.


While Ruth, Paige, and the wolves race against time, Logan is fighting to save his relationship with Rachel. It’s a fight he’s losing—so he heads off to pick one he can win. That’s when we meet up with an alive and well (albeit missing some crucial manparts) Zachary Cain, who comes close to changing in front of a crowd and is saved only by Logan choking him out before he turns wolf.


It isn’t just Cain—all the wolves are being affected, a surprise side-effect of The Undoing. Clay’s eyesight, Elena’s hearing, and Jeremy’s control over The Change all go haywire and Ruth reveals that as the witches are dying, the curse on werewolves is lifting: at sunrise they’ll be stuck in one world or the other, wolf or human.

As Nick, Paige, Elena, and Clay search Clara’s house for clues…


…Aleister pays a visit to Stonehaven—and it doesn’t result in a truce. Instead, he attacks Jeremy with dark magic and nearly kills him before Logan, in wolf form, strikes back.


Major bummer alert: the fight ends badly for Logan, who is wounded too deeply for Jeremy’s DIY medical skills. And that’s not the only casualty. Zachary is also forced to say goodbye to Amber, who he’s been keeping on life support since she made it halfway through The Change before it locked her in a twisted disaster of a body.


The good news is that Ruth’s Un-Undoing spell is working on Aleister.


The bad news is that he and Clara know where she is.


And they’ve arrived there before Ruth’s reinforcements did.


In the end we’re left with a serious cliffhanger—the perfect setup for the season finale. If only we didn’t have to wait an entire week to find out what happens!

Burning Episode 9 Questions:

Is there anything on earth that is more repulsive than the chunk of Aleister Ruth grew in that egg?

Oh yeah, maybe the mummified head Clara keeps in her basement. Why does she have that anyway?

Did Aleister know that The Undoing would affect the wolves, too? Did he know that they would cease to be werewolves?

What’s going to happen to Rachel and Logan’s baby if The Undoing reaches its conclusion? Is it possible that Rachel will give birth to a wolf pup?

Finally, Logan’s death: whyyyyyyyyyyy?

“Scavenger’s Daughter” by the Numbers

Dead wolves and half-wolves: 2 (We’ll miss you Logan, as for Amber, we thought she was dead already but RIP nonetheless.)

Snuff films: 1

On a scale of 1 to 10, how creeped out we were by Aleister’s “fun room”: 12

Bad cops: 2

Fist fights: 2

Mummified human heads: 1

Shocking plot turns: 6 (Zachary Cain and Amber both still breathing! Clara and Aleister planning to possess Savannah! Rachel getting an abortion! Rachel not getting an abortion! Logan dying! Witch barf is black?!)

Peaceful pancake breakfasts: 0