Bitten Season 2 Premiere Recap: “Bad Blood”

February 7, 2015 by Corrina

Shoes we would not want to be in for this first episode of Bitten’s second season? Those would be Malcolm Danvers’ Italian leather kicks. Finely made as they are (remember how loathe he was to get gravel dust on them at the end of season one?), they’re walking a pretty uncomfortable path these days.

Everybody hates Malcolm, but everybody wants him, too. Of course, The Pack are hot on his trail, looking to avenge a string of deaths (Pete’s, Antonio’s, Philip’s gruesome end that closed out the last season’s finale) and find Rachel. But there’s another mysterious group hunting him as well—and they might actually be scarier than The Pack and Elena, tongue-ripping rampage and all.


Remember Nate Parker, the sketchy amateur videographer who sold his werewolf footage to Philip? He’s at the center of this scene, looking like he’s seen better days.

Nate was embroiled in Malcolm’s plot against The Pack (big mistake, huge) and someone now wants to know everything he knows. What’s being done to Nate is torture of the psychological variety. At first glance, we were wondering if Clay had picked up a continuing education course at U of T—but this type of torture isn’t part of his playbook. It’s sophisticated and cerebral, and it soon becomes obvious that Nate isn’t being held by Clay in some never-before-seen basement room of the mansion—he’s somewhere way worse.


The scene sets the tone for the entire episode. Let’s call this vibe “We’re Not in Stonehaven Anymore.” The Pack’s world has broadened beyond Toronto and Bear Valley, and their troubles have multiplied.

We pick things up a mere three days after Elena received the unpleasant surprise of Philip’s severed head in her bed. She hasn’t slept since, spending the hours beating down Mutts for information about Malcolm (with a few quick breaks to blow off some steam with Clay). She’s what we might call a loose cannon.

It’s in the midst of the Mutt hunt that she and Clay come across a group of determined and industrious young people demanding they hand over the “one true cursed.” We know him as Malcolm Danvers. After making swift work of the gang, Clay notices that they’ve been branded with a strange symbol on their necks. Elena dismisses them as “stupid hipsters” (even though American Apparel v-necks and beards don’t really mesh with and branded occult symbols).


The symbol will make its significance known soon enough though: Logan discovers it in the house where Rachel was being held.


Malcolm can’t seem to stop drawing it.


And oh yeah, it made Nate explode at the beginning of the episode. Uh oh.


Back to Malcolm though: when it comes to finding him, the stakes are high. First of all, he still has Rachel (and Logan’s unborn son). Secondly, the International Counsel of Alphas has given Jeremy an ultimatum: find Malcolm or cede your Alpha status and territory.


Jeremy, smart cookie that he is, deduces that there’s been some double crossing going on (see, you can teach an old wolf new tricks—it would have taken him two episodes to smell a rat last season). Having sniffed out the traitor, Jeremy uses him to get a lead on where to find Malcolm.


Meanwhile, Malcolm is hanging out in a flophouse/safehouse with a pair of ruffians who’ve been feeding Rachel a steady diet of sedatives when a bad omen makes an unexpected arrival.


Things get real, fast.


When The Pack finally catches up with Malcolm, he’s looking spooked (though not so spooked that he can’t jack an elderly man for his pickup). Jeremy and Malcolm scrap while Logan is lured outside by a voice—he heads off to rescue what he thinks is Rachel. Turns out it’s just a doll in a well.


The episode wraps up on an ominous note with Malcolm telling Elena “Something’s coming for us. Protect yourself.” before he’s shoved into the back of an SUV to be taken back to Stonehaven.


And then there’s that freaky white eyeball scene. We come across our new friends—who we can probably safely assume are a pair of witches—mid-seance and mumbling about someone called Aleister—angry Aleister. No hint of who he might be but it’s unlikely that he’s someone’s kindly old grandfather.


Last but not least, we get a glimpse of Rachel. No longer Malcolm’s captive, an even worse fate seems to have befallen her. Hate needles? You will now:


Burning Questions

Number one: who the @#$ is Aleister, obviously?! Why is he so angry and what beef might he have with Malcolm and/or The Pack?

Almost as urgent: who has Rachel? What are they doing to her and what’s going to happen to her baby?

Also, who needs a needle that big? Oh god, is she back at that creepy asylum-esque place where they were holding Nate?

What’s with the symbol? What does it mean? It seems to have some kind of power (see: Nate’s brutal and sudden death and the apparent obliviousness to pain that it gave the gang who jumped Clay and Elena).

How does Malcolm know that “something is coming” for them? Does he have more information than he lets on or is their predicament a mystery to him too?

When is Elena going to finally lay down for a least a quick catnap? Do werewolves catnap?

“Bad Blood” by the Numbers

Days passed since the season one finale: 3

Days since Elena has slept: 3

Awesome karate moves she still manages to pull off: 27 (rough estimate)

Tongues ripped out: 1

Dead “hipsters”: 4

Characters who look like they’ve been hitting the gym hard since Season One: 2 (check out the mega muscles on Elena and Clay!)

Number of bees on the windshield of the witches’ sedan: too many. Gulp.