Jeremy Pushes Elena Towards Another “Family, Of Sorts” In The Season Premiere Of Bitten

February 12, 2016 by Corrina

After her dramatic exit as the close of last season, it’s nice to see Paige again—even if she’s just there to confirm Elena’s worst fears. The visions she’s been having—of blood and fire and the destruction of Stonehaven—won’t stop. And Paige says that they’ll continue… until they come true.

And with that grave pronouncement, another season of Bitten kicks off. Right away, it’s clear that things have changed at Stonehaven. Jeremy is making it The Pack’s mission to bring every Mutt in North America to heel, and not by bribing them with treats.

The Alpha is giving Mutts two choices: obey or die. Reactions are mixed. One mysterious wolf living in the remote north seems especially alarmed by Jeremy’s plans.

Doing his part, Joey Stillwell has taught the Mutts in Alberta to roll over but for his hard work he gets a bullet, one that was meant for Jeremy. The loss of Joey and the attempt on his own life send an already edgy Jeremy into a rage. He’s become a complete control freak, dictating each move his wolves make and justifying his strict new rules by claiming they’re meant to protect The Pack. Now he’s out for revenge, bent on destroying Eduardo and the Spanish werewolf contingent that tried to take him out.

After capturing the shooter, Eduardo’s brother, at a storage facility, Jeremy makes Clay practice his special talent on him: fingernail removal, strategic hanging, and various other forms of torture. It works. The Spanish wolf talks—but to Clay’s great anguish he kills himself after the interrogation ends.

With Elena off on an errand in town (more lye and bleach to dispose of the growing number of casualties Jeremy’s ill-advised war has piled up) Nick, Clay, and their Alpha act on the information they extracted from the Spanish wolf and go after Eduardo. He’s working with one of the disgruntled Mutts Jeremy has enraged with his recent campaign. But by the time The Pack gets to the tannery where they’ve been hiding out, Eduardo and his wolves are gone

Loading her corpse disposal gear into the back of her truck, Elena is approached by a young woman who introduces herself as Katia. She knows a lot about Elena—including the fact that she’s a wolf, a secret humans aren’t typically let in on. Katia’s brother and father are wolves too, and they’d like to talk to Elena about something. At first, Elena’s not interested. She changes her mind when Katia threatens to draw unwanted attention to Elena’s incriminating shopping list.

Introducing himself, the older man (the one we met earlier in the cabin up north) says that he is Sasha Antonov, a wolf who has been hiding out with his family in the Yukon. Also, he claims to be Elena’s father. What?!

Bitten is officially back. And we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.

Burning Season 3 Premiere Questions

  • In her fiery, blood-soaked vision, Elena sees herself perched atop one of two of Stonehaven’s Alpha chairs. Why? What could that mean for the future of The Pack?
  • This new side of Jeremy we’re seeing—are his methods of teaching the Mutts to roll over and obey going to be good for The Pack in the long run?
  • Why is Jeremy being so weird about Rachel and her baby? Why can’t Elena go to visit them?
  • Katia, Alexei, and Sasha Antonov: are they really related to Elena? Or are they lying, and why would they do that?
  • What is Jeremy’s reaction going to be when he finds out that Elena has a family and that they’re wolves (except for Katia, which is a whole other issue)?
  • Oh, and what is his reaction going to be when he hears about Clay and Elena’s plans to set up a home of their own outside of Stonehaven?