Delve Deeper into The Undoing

March 10, 2015 by Space

Things are getting tense. We’ve entered the second phase of The Undoing and the stakes have never been higher. An entirely new section just opened up on the Bitten companion site and it’s a real eye-opener.


Been wondering what that thing is that Aleister planted under the surface of Savannah’s skin? The thing that seems to make her obey his every command as though she were hypnotized? Well, you can get up close and personal with the little guy on the site. Not that we’d recommend getting too close.

Even creepier than Al’s pet? Dr. Sondra Bauer’s private computer files, a host of which we have access to in Phase 2. Her video logs are half pseudo-scientific babble, half love letter to Aleister. So. Awkward. See if you can get into her encrypted files too—the password is in there somewhere! (So is her university-era experiment, the hairless two-headed rabbit. Shudder.)


Dr. Bauer also recorded some of her lab notes. On The Undoing site, you can listen to them… they’re pretty revealing. Especially in regards to what Aleister and co. ultimately had planned for Rachel and her baby. But the site isn’t all about Aleister and his freaky Compound. You can learn a lot about Ruth and Paige’s coven, too. And there’s some more background information on certain members of the Alpha Council.


Or, you know, you could just linger over the severed werewolf arm and Compound security camera footage instead. It’s up to you. (Note: the werewolf arm posting is supposed to be Aleister contacting Jose Carter. If he had arrived at the hotel just a little earlier, he may have run into Elena three years ago!)