Quick Q&A about The Undoing

February 2, 2015 by Space

After studying our handy-dandy primer, you may still have a few remaining queries for the mysterious folks behind Bitten‘s elusive online companion, The Undoing. The good news is we beat you to the punch by asking the creators a few of our own pressing questions:

Space: We want to know what was coming up for this season of Bitten. Looking at The Undoing, we’re left with even more questions! More suspense! That’s what you are going for, right?

Exactly what we’re going for! Season two is a whirlwind and will surprise even the most avid Bitten fans.

What do you think the coolest thing about the site is?

The coolest thing about The Undoing is that it gives fans a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Bitten mythology.

Can you tell us a bit about Cryptozoology?

Cryptozoology is literally the “study of hidden animals”. It is a pseudoscience, (not recognized as a branch of zoology or discipline of science) which searches for animals whose existence has not been proven by physical evidence.

As the season progresses, will the site grow, too? Will there be more for us to explore?

Yes, there is a lot more to discover, specifically more concerning the witches and additional darker elements that will come forward in the season.

Test Subject 46A—are we going to find out who the poor guy is?

Test subject 46-A never stood a chance against whoever is doing this research.

Colour us intrigued!