A Canadian TV Personality Makes His Bitten Debut In “Of Sonders Weight”

March 11, 2016 by Corrina

Hockey Night in Canada anchor George Stroumboulopoulos made a surprise guest appearance on this week’s episode of Bitten, playing an anti-hunting activist armed with a six-pack of beer and several gallons of wolf pee. But while wolf pee might go a long way towards warding off unwanted deer, it does absolutely nothing to protect you from a rampaging teenwolf who’s just gone through his first Change.


Clay and Alexei spend the entire episode trying to track down the man Alexei attacked when his wolfy-ness took over. Not knowing whether the man is dead or alive has Clay on edge: what if he gets himself to a hospital and begins to undergo his own Change, spurred on by Alexei’s bite? That would mean disaster for werewolves everywhere.

Strombo’s character isn’t the only loose end in need of tying right now. Jeremy’s still down at the docks, dealing with Karen and trying to find out if she remembers what she saw. A hefty blow to the head might be what saves her—she wakes up with only the vaguest recollection of what she’s doing in Jeremy’s office.


At Stonehaven, Elena alternates between suturing up and dressing down her biological father. She’s furious that Sasha didn’t tell her the whole story when it comes to her real family—and that she had to hear it from Konstantin instead (while he made a concerted effort to murder her). Sasha is pretty torn up about the whole situation. He tells Elena how he met her mother, how she died, and how, upon discovering her murder, he ran, blaming himself for what Roman did.

Equipped with this new information, Elena changes her view, forgiving Sasha for leaving her at a hospital when she was an infant. But their conversation dredges up painful, unresolved feelings—about her entry into the Pack and Jeremy’s failed plot against her during her first visit to Stonehaven. Elena may have repressed her anger long ago, but she realizes she hasn’t forgiven her Pack leader.


Just when it looks like Jeremy is managing to extract Karen from the terrible situation her curiosity has gotten her into, the former cop’s memory returns to her and the image of Alexei and his first Change floods her brain. Still in a weakened state, she can’t hide it from Jeremy and with wolf rules being wolf rules, we know what he has to do—the surprise comes from how hard it is for him to go through with it.

At least Alexei and Clay have managed to track down the man Alexei attacked. He’s dead, which means the wolves don’t have to kill him (wolf rules again).


Returning to Stonehaven, Clay finds an emotional Elena: she’s just spoken to Jeremy, who has told her of his intention to track down and kill Roman—for her. He leaves her in charge and she forgives him for what he did years ago. Distracted as they are by Jeremy’s unforeseen plans, Clay and Elena receive a huge shock when the content of the memory stick left at their front gate begins to play on their laptop. It shows Pack ally Karl Marsten being beaten and tortured… quite likely at the hands of Roman Navikev.


Burning Episode 5 Questions

  • Why’d they have to go and kill off Strombo’s character after just a single episode?
  • While George’s death seemed inevitable, we really thought potential love interest Karen was going to make it out of Jeremy’s office alive. At this rate, he’s never going to get a girlfriend is he?
  • Rachel was briefly mentioned in this episode (Nick was given instructions to take Katia to her house to hide out). What’s going on with her and the baby? Are they okay?
  • We saw Paige briefly during the season premiere—is that it for witches this season?
  • How did one of Roman’s operatives get close enough to Stonehaven to drop off that memory stick?
  • What information will Roman be able to get out of Marsten and how will it compromise the Pack?
  • Will Jeremy make it back alive from his solo mission to take out Roman?