A Pack “On The Brink”

March 25, 2016 by Corrina

Perhaps everyone judged Jeremy’s new style of leadership too quickly during the first half of this third season of Bitten. In his absence, the Pack has descended into something that closely resembles chaos.

Nick, along with Rachel and Paige, is in pursuit of Katia who has taken off with Rocco as part of a half-baked scheme to get to Roman. Clay and Jorge are staking out Reggie’s tavern in a half-baked attempt to take out the Albino. And Elena is half-baking her own recipe for ending the blood feud between the Antonovs and the Navikevs: ply Konstantin with Stonehaven’s stock of hard liquor and convince him to turn on his father.


If none of this seems like a safe bet to you, you’re not crazy. Because none of it is. It’s just that the Pack has been left with very few options. Roman won’t leave Jeremy’s territory until Sasha is dead or until someone kills Roman. So everyone has to do their best to try to kill Roman.


Katia’s best kind of sucks because it involves taking Rachel’s baby and Rachel has been through a lot lately. (Like being held captive by an evil male witch. Like finding out her boyfriend is a werewolf. Like finding out her baby is a werewolf. Like seeing her boyfriend get killed. Etc. We could actually keep going here.) But Katia never intended to hand Rocco over to Roman, she was only using the baby as bait. Plus, she clearly has delayed PTSD from seeing her mother’s throat ripped out “like paper” by the Albino.


Clay’s best isn’t much better. After drinking a beer with his red-eyed enemy, he and Jorge just loiter around in the parking lot of the Albino’s bar, waiting for him to make a move. He makes two: the first is to kill a random guy just looking for a brewski. The second is to kill Jorge while Clay isn’t looking.


Back at Stonehaven, Elena is deep into negotiations (and the whiskey decanter) with her uncle Konstantin. He appears to agree to stay out of her way while she tries to take out his father, saying he’ll call off the Albino once Roman is dead. Hmm.


With Rachel’s baby safely returned to her, Nick is left to take Katia back to Stonehaven. They’re spotted, however, by two more of Roman’s men before they can leave the hotel parking lot where Katia had been holed up. Distracted by her outburst, Nick fails to notice that there’s a car following them until it’s way too late. The Russians ram them and their vehicle is totalled. The last time we see Katia and Nick, they’re both bloody and unconscious and a pair of Roman’s goons is heading right for them.


Burning Episode 7 Questions

  • Katia and Nick: dead or alive? And if they did survive the crash, how much longer do they have with those menacing dudes heading their way?
  • Rachel told Nick that she wasn’t going to allow Jeremy to dictate how she lived her life anymore. How is Jeremy going to feel about this if/when he returns?
  • Paige says she’ll help Rachel to harness and control her new powers—does that mean Paige will be sticking around instead of taking off to Portland to meet up with her lawyer boyfriend?
  • The Albino seemed to hit a nerve with Clay when he repeatedly called him a killer (a compliment in the Russian wolf’s books). Is Clay going soft?
  • Elena seems determined to finish off Roman herself but Jeremy is the one at his doorstep—who will have the honour? Or will it be Roman’s?
  • Here was another episode in which Elena had that same bloody vision. She’s going to be Pack leader in the end, isn’t she? But at what cost?