Elena’s New Struggle: How To Turn Our Backs On “Our Own Blood”

February 19, 2016 by Corrina

Two Russian wolves in one day can’t be a coincidence. When Alpha Roman Navikev and Mutt Sasha Antonov both arrive in upstate New York at the exact same time (to say nothing of the recent uptick in Bear Valley’s Spanish-speaking population), it alerts Elena to the fact that something is up—and it’s not just her guard.

Even after Sasha comes to her aid in a fight against one of Eduardo’s thugs, killing the Spanish assassin and disposing of his body (like any good dad who hasn’t seen his kid for 30 years would do), Elena still struggles to take him at his word. Memories are all she has left of the people she thought were her parents—but Sasha has her baby photo and and old tattoo of her birth date. They make his story about handing her over to a pair of medical workers who then smuggled her out of the Soviet Union sound pretty convincing.

As Elena appears to slowly be opening the door on the possibility that she has blood relatives she never knew about, Clay comes off as determined to slam it shut. The idea that Elena might find a family outside of the Pack seems to threaten him—though he agrees to go meet Sasha with her that night.

Conveniently, Jeremy and Nick are busy mopping up the mess the new Spanish/Mutt alliance has created. But as they rifle through the old tannery for clues, Eduardo and Mutt traitor Bucky Durst have already made their way to Stonehaven along with a third Spanish wolf. The intruders put up a good fight but Elena and Clay best them in the end thanks to Stonehaven’s well-stocked kitchen. Guns are great but meat cleavers and a solid cast iron fry pan will do when you’re low on firepower.

Before the blood can even begin to seep into the floorboards, Roman shows up—an uninvited and unexpected guest. Under the guise of adhering to international Alpha custom, Roman says the house call he’s making is out of courtesy to Jeremy. Elena suspects otherwise, but when she expresses her concerns to her Alpha, he shuts her down. Jeremy’s new authoritarian style is showing signs of alienating even the core members of his Pack.

With Eduardo caged up in Stonehaven’s torture dungeon, it’s only a matter of time before he’s hacked to pieces by either Jeremy or Roman. Roman, it turns out, does the honours. One look at his blood-drenched shirt and you know that the job was (over?) done. The two Alphas, however, share more than just mercilessness. While engaged in their bloody task, Roman reveals the reason he’s come to Bear Valley: he’s on the trail of a “dangerous Russian Mutt.”

We’ll give you two guesses who that is.

Sitting across a table in a dark booth at an empty diner, Elena and Sasha get to know each other a bit better. He mentions her mother. She gestures to Clay, her fiance, glaring down at them from a stool at the counter. He also tells her why he and his children have been on the run for the last several decades: anyone who shares the Antonov name has a target on their back… and taking aim at it is, of course, Roman Navikev—the Alpha ruthlessly hacking another of his enemies to death at Stonehaven as they speak. Suddenly, Elena and Jeremy find themselves on opposite sides of a dangerous secret.

Burning Episode 2 Questions

  • What else did that Russian witch tell Roman about Sasha and Elena? We never heard her answer to the final question he asked.
  • What is the history between Sasha and Russian Alpha, Roman? Why is Roman so bent on spilling the blood of this one Mutt? And why did he kill Katia and Alexei’s mother?
  • What happened to Elena’s mother? It seemed as though we were on the verge of finding out until Sasha found out that Roman was so close by.
  • Sasha seems to be winning Elena over but what about Clay? He was so resistant to Elena accepting her new family.
  • When Elena and Clay decide to do it on Stonehaven’s kitchen table in the middle of the afternoon, do they ever worry about one of their Pack roommates walking in on them?
  • With the Spanish Pack out of Jeremy’s way, who will he pick a fight with next? Elena? The Antonovs?