No Matter What Breed Of Wolf You Are, Trouble’s Always “Right Behind You”

February 26, 2016 by Corrina

You know that awkward moment when you’re shopping for corpse disposal supplies and your town’s former sheriff catches you in the act? Jeremy Danvers does. No wonder he’s so touchy these days.


After his uncomfortable run in with a flirty Karen Morgan Jeremy heads back to Stonehaven to dismember corpses and grill Clay about Elena’s insubordination. There he reveals that he (thinks he) knows all about Sasha Antonov while Clay practices his very best innocent wolf pup face on his adoptive dad and Pack leader.


While they’re jettisoning Spanish wolf parts, Roman is jetting in more Russian wolves to hunt for Sasha. Jeremy suspects him of running an under the radar search on his territory while Roman suspects Jeremy of hiding the Antonovs. Only one Alpha is right. Elena is still hiding her new family from everyone but Clay, though that’s about to change.


Sitting down for a one-on-one with Jeremy, Elena is forced to reveal her connection to Sasha. Furious about a rogue Mutt roaming his territory (one with baggage like a human daughter and a blood feud with a Pack ally), Jeremy heads to the tannery where the Antonovs are hiding out to tell Sasha that he shouldn’t expect protection from him.

As a small (make that tiny) compromise, he agrees to look the other way should Sasha decide to challenge Roman directly and, against odds, emerge the victor. So, basically: “If you make it out of this alive, I won’t kill you.” Antonov’s gratitude is palpable. As he prepares himself for the challenge, he prepares his kids for the harsh reality that he might not be around much longer. Scared, they head for the only person who might be willing to help them: Elena.


While their new sister is eager to see them escape to Nick’s Minnesota farmhouse unharmed, Jeremy is less than thrilled about the appearance of more uninvited guests at Stonehaven. While he decides what to do with them, weighing their story against the fact that Roman has been lying to him (the intel Nick collects in a steamy sauna scene all but proves it), Elena leaves to see Sasha.


At the tannery father and daughter are attacked by an imported Russian wolf and Roman’s right hand man, Konstantin (the same guy who’d been so civil to Nick at the sauna). Sasha manages to kill the wolf while Elena totally schools Konstantin in the art of ass-kicking. They take him hostage—and for very good reason.


Jeremy sets up a meeting with Roman under the guise that he intends to hand over the Antonov kids (his act is so convincing that even Katia and Alexei think they’re about to meet their end) but it turns out that Jeremy’s Alpha sensibilities are far more offended by another Pack leader operating independently on his turf than by a vagrant Mutt and his vagrant Mutt offspring.


Konstantin’s ill-advised attack on Elena only makes things worse for the Russian Pack, serving to anger Jeremy further. (As we’ve already mentioned, Jeremy is a pretty pissed off wolf these days.) After telling Roman what’s what, The Pack piles back into their various SUVs and rolls out—with the Antonovs and Konstantin in tow. And in case you thought he was replaceable, it’s revealed in the end that Konstantin is more than just a right-hand man to Roman. He’s also his son.


Burning Episode 3 Questions

  • It appears that The Pack currently holds all the cards when it comes to dealing with Roman—and yet we’re still nervous. What will the Russian Alpha’s next move be?
  • What does Jeremy plan on doing with Konstantin? Is he in for a stay in Stonehaven’s basement cage?
  • If her father decides to leave, how is Elena going to feel about it? She’s barely gotten to know him.
  • Are Clay and Elena really going to leave the Pack behind and move to the house they found? How will they afford a down payment since neither one of them appears to have a job?
  • That tense parking lot run-in between ex-sheriff Karen Morgan and one of Roman’s men: does it mean bad news for the Pack?
  • What will they dynamic be between Elena and Jeremy now that she’s brought the Antonovs into Stonehaven?