“Rule Of Anger”: When You’re A Wolf, Is There Any Other Kind?

March 18, 2016 by Corrina

Two witches, one old, one new, made an appearance this week on Bitten.


Unorthodox baby behaviour pushed Nick to put in a call to Paige and ask her to come check out Rachel’s infant son Rocco. Stressed out and overtired, Rachel has come to believe that Rocco has supernatural powers—what else could be making his toys levitate and fly towards his crib other than the unharnessed magic of a half-witch/half-wolf baby? But Paige performs a spell that reveals an alternative answer: Rocco isn’t a witch, his mom is.


Rachel takes the revelation hard—she already feels unsafe, left to care for a small child on her own now that Logan is dead and Jeremy is intent on keeping her and Rocco under lock and key. (For their own protection, naturally.) Now she has to deal with her new abilities—and her inability to control them. On top of that, it’s a dangerous time to be a witch, trained or untrained. Upon finding out that Katia is Russian, Paige reveals that a Russian wolf is rumoured to be hunting witches. Of course it’s Roman… and he isn’t in Russia anymore.


Actually, wolf attacks are likely at an all-time low in Russia. It seems as though Roman has exported his most vicious Pack members to North America, including one with a single red eye and a reputation so terrifying that wolves who’ve never seen him think he’s a myth.


Karl Marsten did, until this wolf, the Albino, took him prisoner. Marsten is so scared of him that he won’t even leave his cage when the Albino opens the door and dares him to. It’s this guy, the same wolf who killed Katia and Alexei’s mother, that Elena and Clay decide to go after all on their own upon figuring out that he’s holding Marsten at the old textile factory.


The Albino is expecting them (he even leaves a welcome note and, in Clay’s case, a welcome electrocution). Even with Jorge and a freed Marsten as backup (that’s four on one in case you’re counting), the Pack wolves get their collective butts handed to them by the Albino, who escapes as Elena and Clay attempt to give him a dose of his own electric medicine.


After accidentally getting zapped herself (by Paige’s spell, not the Albino’s) Katia wakes up dazed and scared. She calls Alexei, worried that the Albino will do to their father what he did to their mother. To make sure that doesn’t happen, she decides to take action. Grabbing Nick’s car keys and a gun she found in Rachel’s dresser, she heads out with a plan to confront Roman herself. By the time Nick notices that she’s gone, it’s too late to stop her from taking one last thing with her: baby Rocco.

Burning Episode 6 Questions

  • Obviously Katia plans to use Rocco to get close to Roman—but how? Also, if Roman doesn’t kill her, she must know that Rachel will, right?
  • The Albino sure knows a lot about lobotomies. Think he’s had one himself?
  • Who’s going to get to Roman first, Katia or Jeremy? (Fingers crossed that it’s Jeremy.)
  • Paige says she’s moving herself and Savannah to Portland where a lawyer she’s dating lives. Does that mean there’s no hope for a reunion with Nick?
  • With the Albino having slipped through their claws, what will Clay and Elena’s next move be when it comes to dealing with that maniac?
  • Sasha has experience fighting with/hiding from the Albino—will he be well enough to help the Pack anytime soon?