“Shock The System,” Change The Pack—But Will It Be For The Better?

April 8, 2016 by Corrina

At this point in the Pack’s history, can Stonehaven, their centre, be seen as anything other than a dark place? The floorboards are stained with blood. The grounds are littered with graves. Their basement serves as both torture room and catalogue for the bodies that pile up around them. Elena is still afraid of her vision of Stonehaven’s destruction—but would it really be such a bad thing?


She’s been Pack Alpha for just a few short hours but already Elena is making changes: she’s done away with Jeremy’s “Pack or death” ultimatum and seems to be spearheading a werewolf rebranding campaign. More choice, less violence, and loyalty based on respect and family affection. Can a Pack that soft survive? Their first test comes soon enough.


The Albino pops by Stonehaven but leaves in a hurry (or as fast as someone carting off two unconscious bodies can leave, anyway). Having lured and trapped both Elena and her father, he straps them into a unique torture device he appears to have designed himself and waits for his orders from the Russian Alpha. Because Roman has designed a unique torture device of his own.


He has Jeremy chained up for an eventual execution but first, a confession. Roman wants Jeremy to say that he lured him from Russia to so that Sasha could kill him and be installed as the puppet leader of the Russian Pack. Obviously Jeremy refuses—until he sees the live video feed of what the Albino has planned for Elena: a red-hot conductor rigged up to her uterus. Um, ouch? Jeremy records his confession instantly… and then Roman goes through with the Albino’s awful plan anyway.


But the fun (if you’re a homicidal maniac) experiment and the screams it rips out of Elena captivate the Albino to such a degree that he doesn’t see or smell Clay, in wolf form, approaching. By the time he snaps out of his weirdo torture-lust, Clay has ripped out half his intestines. One Albino down, one to go—not that the Pack are aware that a second red-eyed wolf exists—and that he’s fueled by a newly intensified desired to kill everything in his path.


Konstantin unleashes Jeremy and Roman meets a fate similar to the one that ended his hired assassin. Jeremy rips his throat out with his teeth. While in human form. Intense. Thinking his pact with Konstantin has held, the pair make tracks for Stonehaven with a plan to meet up with Elena, Clay, and Nick. Instead, they find the Russian Pack. There, Konstantin literally throws Jeremy to the wolves, introducing him as “the man who killed your Alpha.”


Burning Episode 9 Questions

  • The episode opens with Paige and Elena revisiting Elena’s bloody premonition—in it, whose blood is Elena covered in?
  • The Albino that’s still alive appears to be wavering on his allegiance to the Russian Pack. Is he going to just start killing everything that moves?
  • After the Pack’s doctor in residence patches Elena up, he tells her she won’t be able to Change for some time without risking severe internal bleeding… and death. Elena is going to have to Change next episode, isn’t she?
  • In the end, Konstantin turned on the Pack. Anyone not see that coming?
  • The Russians now control Stonehaven and they have Nick and Jeremy as hostages—are Elena and the rest of the Pack about to walk right into the same trap?
  • We have a feeling we’re about to see Elena’s premonition come to pass—what will it mean for the future of the new Alpha and her Pack?