Lullabyes And Warnings: For Elena And The Pack, “Tili Tili Bom” Is Both

April 1, 2016 by Corrina

There’s a new Alpha in Bear Valley. As Jeremy transfers power to Elena before completing the final leg of his mission to take out Roman, it becomes obvious that the new Pack leader is the wolf with the biggest target on her back. How long can Elena’s reign last with the Albino (or Albinos) bent on killing her and the rest of the Antonovs? And what chance does Jeremy really have to single-handedly end the blood feud when Roman has surrounded himself with a small army of Russian wolves?


As always, a peaceful existence seems just out of reach for Elena and her Pack. The Albino (one of them, anyway) has figured out a way to use Elena’s dreams about her future with Clay against her, throwing her completely off balance by taking her and Clay to the very house they had hoped to move into once the latest wolf-related drama had blown over. His plan is perfect: he keeps the couple running in circles, unable to help Nick and Katia, and then makes a brilliant escape—in the back of a cop car that everyone watching knows has no hope of holding him.

In Soviet Russian, nightmares have you.


Badly injured after a pair of Roman’s men run them off the road, Nick and Katia are captured and held at an abandoned dairy farm where Katia becomes certain that the only thing they have to look forward to is a quick death at the hands of the same man who killed her mother. While she panics, Nick figures out a way to free them. Sending Katia ahead to get help, he stays behind to fight, killing both Russians and getting a bunch of his own bones broken in the process.


But just as it looks like both of them might live to see another episode of Bitten, Katia flags down a Bad Samaritan who, instead of giving them a lift into town, stabs her to death. Surprise: it was the/an Albino. She dies in Nick’s arms and it’s almost as sad as when he had to say goodbye to Paige (again) last episode.


Elena and Clay arrive to collect Nick and the body of Elena’s recently deceased sister and take them back to Stonehaven. There, they break the news that Elena’s the new top wolf, information that Nick seems to accept with only the slightest bit of hesitation. By this point Jeremy (with Konstantin’s help) has figured out a way into Roman’s compound, snapped the neck of one of several dozen of his men, and surrendered to two others with a strange sort of calm—like getting caught was all part of his plan.


Burning Episode 8 Questions

  • There are two Albinos, right? That’s how they’re always two steps ahead of Elena and the Pack. Or is there one Albino who’s an extremely effective, highly functioning schizophrenic?
  • It looked like Jeremy getting caught by Roman’s thugs was intentional. But, uh, what if it wasn’t?
  • Where were Sasha and Alexei this episode? The Pack really could have used the extra help.
  • How did the Albino know about Clay and Elena’s plans to purchase that house? How long has he been watching them?
  • With Nick out of commission and nearly all of the Pack’s trusted allies picked off, is there any chance that they can still win/stay alive as they face off against the Russians?