In The End, “Truth, Changes, Everything”

April 15, 2016 by Corrina

After cowering from it in fear for weeks, Elena finally seems ready to embrace the destruction her premonition warns of. Stonehaven reduced to cinders. The Pack, as she knows it, gone. Yeah, let’s do this. It’s not like there’s a long list of other options available to the new Alpha.


With Jeremy and Nick caged up in their own torture dungeon and Konstantin holding the key, Elena appears to be at a serious disadvantage. Looking closer though, we find out that her uncle doesn’t hold all the cards. Elena has two things he doesn’t. One: a pack loyalty built on trust, not bought. And two: a willingness to trade traditions that don’t work for the uncertainty of something new.


As Konstantin’s men begin picking off the remaining peripheral members of her Pack, Elena puts into motion a two-pronged plan that will change the lives of every wolf on the planet. She’s not going to eliminate them like Aleister tried to do. Her strategy is way riskier. With her father’s help, she’s going to out them.


Having received Konstantin’s ultimatum that he’ll kill Jeremy first and Rocco next if Elena fails to show herself at Stonehaven in time, she puts her plan in motion. Sasha steals off in the middle of the night to rendezvous with Paige and prepare for the werewolf version of a debutante ball. Freed by Konstantin and sent to spread word of the havoc the Russian Pack intends to wreak, Nick heads to Rachel’s to help her protect Rocco. Armed with her witch powers (plus baby bottles full of Russian-blinding bleach), they decide to stay and fight.


Jeremy, too, is not yet ready to give up. With a key kept hidden in the drain pipe of his own basement cell for just such occasions, he frees himself from his cage and escapes into the woods. Just in time to meet up with Clay, Alexei, and an uninvited guest: Albino 2.0. The Pack has the assassin outnumbered this time but the Albino still manages to cost Jeremy an eye before falling victim to Alexei’s knife-throwing skills.


Soon after, Elena makes her entrance (for the last time) at Stonehaven. She allows Konstantin a brief moment to believe he’s won before a well-timed and pre-planned text message shows up on his phone alerting him to what Elena and Sasha have done: revealed their secret at a town council meeting in front of reporters, local politicians, and one really dumb cop, who shoots Sasha dead after he undergoes the Change in front of all of them.


With the names of every wolf in Konstantin’s Pack ready to be handed over to Russian authorities should anything happen to Elena, her uncle knows he’s lost and he leaves Stonehaven with his tail between his legs. All that’s left to do is take a match to the past.


The register of names in the catalogue housed at Stonehaven has to go up in flames to protect the identities of wolves across North America. As her old life burns away, Elena imagines a new one in which she and Clay build something of their own, Jeremy atones for his sins, and Nick… hooks up with Rachel? At least we know he has a type. But that’s the future. For now, all they have to do is walk away.

Burning Bitten Finale Question

  • After three seasons of werewolf drama, the series finale of Bitten left us with just one question: Is Jeremy going to be single forever or does passing the family business along to Elena mean he’ll finally have time to set up that Tinder account?