Welcome to The Undoing

February 2, 2015 by Space

“Video and audio records show evidence of genetic mutations consistent with cryptozoological theory… The Undoing begins.” And with that ominous welcome, we enter The Undoing, a companion site for the much-anticipated new season of Bitten.

The multi-layered online mystery is meant to be explored by fans hoping for a glimpse into what’s to come for Elena and The Pack when the show premieres February 7. Don’t expect any answers though—just more juicy questions to sink your teeth into. The biggest one? Just whose Undoing is this?


Entering Phase 1 (more to come as the season progresses), we’re presented with what appears to be fragments of scientific research. One guess as to what species this research focuses on. Taking place in somewhere called The Compound, a study is being conducted by someone with a keen interest in Cryptozoology—specifically, it would seem, in werewolves. The Pack would probably be very disturbed to find out that they’re the well-documented subjects of this unnamed scientist’s extensive notes. Even more disturbing: an audio clip suggests that the researchers have progressed beyond the note-taking stage of their little project.


There’s more to be discovered by exploring The Compound: X-rays, an anatomical model of a not-quite human heart, and disturbing data on someone (or thing) called Test Subject 46A, who, according to the notes, “Continues to show remarkable resistance to the strains [redacted]. Compromised emotionally, he exhibits no signs of physical decay.” (Tip: if you’re a speedy reader, you might just get a glimpse of bits of the redacted stuff on all the different pages.)

Oh, and take note: diligent explorers of The Undoing will be rewarded. There’s hidden stuff to be unlocked… see if you can get to The Grimoire.

Check out The Undoing right here!